What is this?

CollegeRealignment.com is a site where you can make your own maps of college sports conferences, in order to quickly visualize different conference realignment scenarios.

Why is the site so rudimentary?

I only learned html this past summer, so the site is still a little bit simple as I work out the kinks of the language. There may still be some bugs (and it's a little slow to load), but it's useable as a visualization tool.

Are you planning on adding more teams?

Yes, I will add the rest of division 1 at the very least, and hope to add division 2 and 3 teams as well, as long as I can do so without cluttering up the site too much.

Are there any other changes you're planning on making?

Yep! I want a button that takes a screenshot of a custom map so it can be shared more easily, but that is a harder problem than I realized. A few people suggested using team logos instead of name on the map, so I may try to do that as well.

Do you have any other plans for the site?

None right now, but I do wish there were more online interactive for college sports, since I think that a lot of people would enjoy using them. If there's some other interactive that I want to exist but no one else makes it, I'll probably end up just making it myself.

Has anyone actually asked these questions?


How can we get in touch?

I am on twitter (@CollegeRealign) and reddit (u/sirnack), so feel free to send me your cool maps (or tell me about any bugs) there.

Recent Updates:

Added FAQ page.

Added option to reset map.

Fixed how hiding team names/conferences worked together.
Team names now more clickable when page is first loaded.

Added FCS Teams.
Added option to only show team names on hover.

Added a way to hide conferences.
Moved conference legend up to fit more conferences.
Site now automatically redirects to https.

Launched site.